Unlocking the FULL potential of African Athletes

Podium Pursuit is the World’s first Fan-Owned Impact Investment and Fan Engagement Platform for Athletes from Africa, built on the Blockchain and leveraging tokenization.

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THE PODIUM PURSUIT COLLECTIVE, is reshaping the investment landscape of African sports by empowering athletes with a platform to build and monetize their brands and connect with fans and brands globally, while unlocking value for investors too!

Our Vision

UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL of athletes from Africa and POWERING POSSIBILITY, by building the World’s first fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund for African athletes.

Our Purpose

The Podium Pursuit Collective is deeply inspired to ENABLE THE NEXT GENERATION of athletes from Africa by activating a PURPOSE-LED COMMUNITY, driving interactivity and unleashing ALTERNATIVE REVENUES far beyond traditional sponsorship, to support African Athletes while championing a more POSITIVE FUTURE FOR HUMANITY.

Despite immense talent on the continent, the medal count at the last five Olympic Games has declined. 

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon, the timing could not be better to leverage our platform and make a significant difference in the lead up to LA2028 and beyond!

Our Mission

Assembling an ecosystem that brings together more than 4,000 TOP PERFORMING AFRICAN ATHLETES, from 54 AFRICAN NATIONS and 36 SPORTS CODES, their 30-MILLION FANS GLOBALLY and the BRANDS and CAUSES that are important to them.

Our Goals

Driving a movement involving fans and brands as INVESTORS of African athletes performance and REVOLUTIONIZING ATHLETE SUPPORT, by creating an INDEPENDENT, privatized and TRANSPARENT Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund which leverages tokenization and the Blockchain.

Our Business Model is designed to IGNITE FANS and DRIVE REVENUE through our Web3 Fan Engagement Platform, a Broadcast Rights Property and the World’s first Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund, built for transparency on the Blockchain.

We are enabling fan investors to ACQUIRE RIGHTS in a new athlete-focussed Collective. By combining the power of blockchain technology and tokenization, we are unlocking a new era of secure, transparent, accessible investment that provides flexibility and the potential for capital appreciation for investor fans.

View our INVESTOR DECK for more information.

ProTouch Africa recognises and celebrates the achievements of African athletes on the World stage. We track every event globally and promote participation and notable achievements. We help athletes to build and take control of their personal brands and shape the narrative surrounding their careers, accomplishments, and personal lives so that they can increase influence and earning potential by attracting endorsement deals, collaborations, and sponsorship opportunities. 

African Athlete Digital Profile Exchange

We have curated Digital Athlete Profiles [think LinkedIn] for Africa’s top sporting talent, providing athletes from Africa the opportunity to unlock even more value from their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) while still competing, as well as beyond their sporting career.

Each profile has been curated and validated by us, using various third-party platforms and each profile typically includes: social media links for fans to connect directly with their favourites, view notable results, achievements and major events that they have participated in. These Digital Athlete Profiles are published in our African Athlete Exchange – an AI-powered Marketplace that connects brands with top-performing athletes who share their values.

Athletes can build their brand, create and manage their own live blogs, using our AI-based Stories feature.

Athletes who are part of our “Early Access” and “Invitation Only” Phase and, once they have claimed and activated their Digital Profile, they can: set up and manage their crowdfunding campaigns; share their stories and journeys; promote their sponsors and partners; sell merchandise; and, monetize all of this.

Partner Deals and Athlete Services 

The Collective offers a range of athlete services to nurture success both on and off the field. These services include brand-building support, access to scholarships, discounted travel and accommodation, personal coaching and mentoring, financial services, and business opportunities post-retirement. By diversifying their opportunities, athletes can secure sustainable futures beyond their athletic careers.

Athlete Impact Fund

Our performance index algorithm ranks each activated athlete [based on their governing body ranking and social network following], this rank determines the access to funding annually, through our fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund once this is established.

Identified Athlete Ambassadors [currently competing and/or retired athletes] that align with our vision and mission, will be invited to participate in the Athlete Impact Fund as Athlete Ambassadors and receive Athlete Ambassador Tokens entitling them to profit share in the Podium Pursuit Collective, in return for promoting the Collective and assisting to onboard and activate more athletes, as well as their fans.

The Podium Pursuit Fan App

Fan engagement is more than getting fans to attend sporting events and games. It is the emotional connection that is created between a fan and an athlete, their team or sports. It is also an intentional process of encouraging fans to ‘actively’ participate and interact, on a continuous daily ritual.

Our Fan App provides fans with a Digital Club House where they can access an aggregated newsfeed and social media wall, a match centre that includes all upcoming and past matches including a filtered calendar, results and stats in addition to the ability to stream game highlights and selected LIVE games. Fans are encouraged to participate in prediction games, polls, voting, and earn rewards for completing fan missions which include sharing more information about themselves, liking, sharing and commenting on our newsfeed, inviting friends to join The Collective and interacting on a regular basis in the form of daily rituals.

African Athlete Exchange

Fans can connect directly with athletes from Africa in our Athlete Exchange, support their crowdfunding campaigns, purchase merchandise and authentic replica merchandise, download digital athlete collectibles and other digital assets. Fans can upload their own content – photos, videos, interviews featuring athletes from Africa competing on the World stage.

Fan Tokens

Fans and organisations can make donations and/or purchase our Podium Pursuit Premium Subscription in addition to an unlimited number of Podium Pursuit “Fan Pass” Tokens, granting token holders access to additional exclusive benefits and experiences through the Collective.

Athletes inspire millions of people through their perseverance, discipline, and resilience. Their stories of triumph over adversity serve as powerful narratives that captivate audiences. Authenticity, emotional resonance with fans, inspiring narratives, and positive role modelling make athletes indispensable allies for brands and organisations seeking genuine and enduring impact.

Athlete Endorsements

Beyond athletic prowess, athletes have the power to be catalysts for positive change, influencing attitudes, being role models for the youth, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive and compassionate society:

  • Inspiring and influencing the youth to embrace values such as teamwork, resilience, and empathy…
  • Amplifying Social Causes and raising awareness about pressing issues. Athletes bring attention to societal challenges, encouraging their fan base to get involved…
  • Athletes have the power to ignite conversations and provoke action…
  • Athletes contribute to the creation of a more connected and harmonious World…
  • By aligning with social causes, athletes contribute to initiatives that lead to the implementation of impactful projects

It is understood that when athletes endorse a brand, their enthusiasm resonates with fans, creating a meaningful connection and enhancing the brand’s image which in turn can lead to new business and a more engaged relationship with existing customers.

Digital Marketplace

The Podium Pursuit Collective provides a network of brands – passionate about social and environmental causes – with the benefit of endorsements from athletes using our AI-based Marketplace and unprecedented access to a global fan base to drive a return on investment. We bring athletes and employers together on a platform connecting current and former athletes to meaningful career opportunities.

 Brand partners are featured in our Fan Engagement Platform and Broadcast Rights Properties. Brands provide access to preferential deals on products and services used by athletes – nutrition, airline tickets, accommodation, wearable devices etc. – and benefit from aligning their products with an athlete’s journey and encouraging fans to engage with these products or services. Our engagement platform provides the ability to target push notifications can also be leveraged to incentivise and encourage sales.

 We are onboarding Founding Partners across multiple categories including, but not limited to: payments, connectivity, banking, telecoms, healthcare, insurance, media, energy and FMCG.

Fan Tokens

Brand Partners and organisations can also participate as Investors in our Athlete Impact Fund by making ESG contributions and by purchasing Fan Pass or Profit share Investor Tokens. Fan Pass Tokens can be made available to a brand’s customers, to unlock more value and loyalty to existing customers whose interests resonate with sport and the support of African athletes.

    At the heart of The Podium Pursuit Collective is an independent and transparent fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund – built on the Blockchain and by tokenizing real-world assets (RWA). By combining the power of blockchain technology and tokenization, we are unlocking a new era of secure, transparent, and accessible investment that provides flexibility, and the potential for capital appreciation for fans of athletes from Africa.

    Blockchain technology provides transparency and security and the tokenization of investments opens up new avenues for liquidity and the potential for capital appreciation for Fan Investors in our Athlete Impact Fund.

    Digital Rights License

    ProTouch Africa is providing an investment opportunity that aims to revolutionize the way fan investors participate in the growth and success of top-performing athletes from Africa, initiated through the sale of premium subscriptions in exchange for access to a range of Podium Pursuit benefits; an “unlimited” number of Fan Pass Tokens (which unlock even more experiences) and a “limited” number of Fan Investor / Athlete Ambassador redeemable tokenized debentures – unlocking even more fan value, as well as profit-share, for fan investors and athlete ambassadors.

    This revolutionary impact fund is designed so that investors contribute to a transparent and sustainable impact on the global sporting stage. The funds raised from the sale of a limited number of Investor Tokens will be utilized to drive the further development, construction, and expansion of this transformative project to unlock the full potential of athletes from Africa.

    Capital Raise

    An initial Capital Raise of $1 500 000 is required to kickstart the Athlete Impact Fund, further personalization development of the platform and some working capital requirements. The raise will be in the form of a combination of Donations and redeemable Tokenized Debenture (1 500 Tokens at $1 000 each). In terms of the South African Markets Act, a bond or debenture of a private company is excluded from the definition of securities. This exclusion provides a unique opportunity to consider these debt instruments ‘tokenization’ without the regulatory encumbrances usually associated with securities.

    Tokenized Debentures

    A limited number of Tokenized Debentures will be made available, obtained through the fund representing unsecured debt instruments where returns are solely contingent on the profits generated by The Podium Pursuit Collective.

    While there is no fixed term for the redemption of the debenture, Podium Pursuit reserves the right to amend this from time to time. It is projected that by Year 4, the project becomes cash positive with income exceeding expenses (including athlete funding) and by Year 5, the initial debenture holders receiving a return of 18%.

    Amplifying Social Causes

    Athletes possess a platform that can be used to amplify social causes and raise awareness about pressing issues. Athletes bring attention to societal challenges, encouraging their fan base to get involved. Whether it’s advocating for environmental conservation, social justice, or health awareness, athletes can turn the spotlight onto causes that need attention.


    Beyond athletic prowess, athletes have the power to be catalysts for positive change, influencing attitudes, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive and compassionate society. Athletes transcend the boundaries of the playing field: 

    Role models for the youth

    By actively engaging in social issues, athletes can inspire and influence the youth to embrace values such as teamwork, resilience, and empathy. The impact of a positive role model in shaping the character of young minds is immeasurable, extending far beyond the sphere of sports.

    Catalysts for Change

    Athletes have the power to ignite conversations and provoke action.

    Building bridges across communities

    Sport has a universal language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Athletes play a crucial role in fostering unity and understanding across diverse communities. Athletes contribute to the creation of a more connected and harmonious World.Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    By aligning with social causes, athletes contribute to initiatives that lead to the implementation of impactful projects.


    Our Web3 Fan Engagement Platform (Fan App) is the digital clubhouse that connects athletes to fans and brands. We aggregate news and social media, a match centre with upcoming events, results and statistics, an e-commerce fan shop with exclusive Podium Pursuit merchandise and partner deals.

    Fans can also make donations directly to Athletes and/ or Teams using our interface. Fans are rewarded and ranked for interactivity and these Rewards can be converted into Digital Collectibles, Fan Tokens and exclusive fan experiences.


    Sports’ power to heal, inspire and unite people against all odds. We feature African athletes already on the World stage, those that have been there and those that are still in pursuit of moments of glory.

    ProTouch Africa TV is a magazine show planned for Q2 2024, this will do a weekly round-up of notable achievements on the World stage as well as looking forward to the week to come. In collaboration with a global production studio, ProTouch Africa TV will produce a range of story-telling productions that provide revenue directly into the Athlete Impact Fund from the rights secured.

    Multiple episodes across sporting codes are planned and will be streamed on our Fan Engagement Platform for premium subscribers, incorporating the social and environmental causes that these athletes are passionate about.


    Brace yourself for an unprecedented era of fan engagement and immersive digital experiences where performance, fandom and investment in athletes converge, while championing a more positive future for humanity.


    Leveraging tokenization and the Blockchain, our World’s first Fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund provides an unlimited number of Fan Tokens and a limited number of Profit-share only Tokens to investors, family offices and corporate brands.

    80% of this revenue is distributed to qualifying athletes based on our performance index algorithm and the balance is distributed to the Founding Investors (which include key Athlete Ambassadors) and Partners. To find out more GET IN TOUCH